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Rainbow Riches: Mobile Slot Game

It is a well known myth, that somewhere over the rainbow lies a pot of gold waiting to be snatched up by a lucking individual. This is the legend, that we have grown up hearing throughout our lives. However, thanks to modern day technology and the progress of online gambling, this legend may indeed become a reality for you.

Rainbow Riches Mobile

If you have never heard about Rainbow Riches Mobile before, then it’s about time, that you upgrade your knowledge of how you can win amazing prizes by playing slots online. Rainbow Riches is one of the best slots games, that you can get your hands on.

In fact, it is an extremely popular game, that has become one of the hottest commodities in the world of online gambling. The demand for this game is so high, that you will come across numerous online casinos, that offer this game to their clients.


Rainbow Riches Mobile: How to Download and Play?


The overwhelming popularity of Rainbow Riches Mobile slot has risen to such great heights, that it is now available for smartphone users as well. People are no longer satisfied with playing Rainbow Riches on the computer. They need Rainbow Riches in their mobile phones, when they are on the go.

Rainbow Riches Mobile App

To satisfy this demand, the developers of the game, Barcrest, have come up with a new and improved original version of the game, that can now be downloaded on your mobile phone. The mobile game is basically an app, that you will find in the App Store or Google Play.

The app can be downloaded to your mobile devices for free through many of the leading online casinos in the United Kingdom. Those, who are sceptical about this new version of the game should know, that the visuals of the game are much better, than what has been seen in previous versions of the game.

Rainbow Riches Mega Win

In addition to that, players now have the opportunity to take home a number of golden rewards with a few simple taps on the touch screen of their cell phones.


Theme of Rainbow Riches Mobile Slot


The theme of the game is indeed a true sight to behold and admire. As soon as you open the Rainbow Riches mobile slot game, you will be greeted with a plethora of colours, that will dazzle you and blow away your mind.

Rainbow Riches Download Mobile Slot

You will be led into the world of gambling fantasy by simply breathing in the vibrancy and the vivid colourfulness of this once in a life time slots game. The gently curving arc in the background is well complemented by the lively blues and spectacular violets.

At the center of the screen, you have quintessentially lucky icons scattered beautifully in the form of a casino slots system. The developers of the Rainbow Riches Mobile have been able to create a perfect blend of the old school slots visuals with contemporary gambling game styles.

Rainbow Riches Mobile Slot

The harmony in the visual display will calm you, while the vivacity of the colourful features will get you all excited about the prospect of striking gold with the touch of your finger tips.


The Iconic Leprechaun


If you love the iconic leprechaun in the game, then you are in for a treat. The Rainbow Riches Mobile slot game has Ireland’s signature mascot dressed in green attire and finished with a cheeky grin.

The leprechaun will make its presence felt by exuding a gentle twinkling of the sounds as the slots begin to spin into a range of different symbols. You can join the leprechaun in a mystery journey along the path of gold, and watch closely as the multipliers begin to enhance right before your eyes.

You will notice an incredible pot of gold on your mobile phone screen, which will serve as your potential reward if you are successful enough in the game. The landscape is adorned with lush green land, elegant stone-built cottage and a serene river, which flows gently along the banks of the soothing greens in the town.


Rainbow Riches Mobile Slot Features


What truly makes the game impressive is the fantastic features which are jam packed in it. A lot of mobile slot games are very restricted in terms of features and characteristics, since, developers are not too interested in giving their clients the best they have in a free mobile app.

However, the game designers of Rainbow Riches Mobile give the gamers a lot more, than they could have hoped for. The game is not timid, boring or monotonous by any stretch of the imagination. All the fun, that you had playing Rainbow Riches on your computer can be easily enjoyed in the mobile version as well.

Pots of Gold Bonus Game

There are three extraordinary bonus games to look forward to when you download the Rainbow Riches Mobile slot game. It means, that there is abundant potential fortune to get your hands on. The following are short descriptions of the three bonus games:


  • a) Pick Me - In this game, the objective is to choose one of the three Wishing Well Symbols. Each symbol comes with its own unique cash prize. The excitement, that you will experience while playing this game is simply indescribable.

  • b) Pots of Luck - This is a roulette round, where the mobile gamers stand the chance to win a really special prize. A progressive jackpot is concealed within one of the three remarkable pots. It could be inside the gold pot, the silver pot or the bronze pot. The choice is yours. Make your move, and you might be lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

  • c) The Pots of Gold - In this bonus round, you can inch your way to be one step closer to the securing the exciting cash prize. The rule of this game is simple. The close you get to the end of the rainbow, the larger will be the size of the jackpot that you are going to earn.


Rest assured, you are going to have an absolutely incredible time playing the bonus rounds and enjoying all the other features, that have been loaded into Rainbow Riches Mobile slot game.


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