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Rainbow Riches: Free Demo Playing

Rainbow Riches is probably one of the most popular and sought after video casino game at not only the UK online casinos but also in the European and Australian continents.

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It is one of the best casino games in the industry offering plenty of bonuses to its players. The chances of encountering the Rainbow Riches slot as you travel across Europe are very high, as it is a favorite for many people in the world and its popularity is still on the rise.

If you are a Rainbow Riches lover, then you need to access the game online or on the mobile slots which are available on Android slot, iPhone slot, and the Windows slot. It works perfectly with similar sounds and features as the online machines and the land casinos.


Rainbow Riches Demo Play on Mobile


Some people were fast to criticize the mobile slots claiming that the Leprechaun looks scary; more of a murderer than a gold miner, the stacked symbols are not wild and no free spins on offer.

These complaints made the game sound as unworthy to give a try. The developers were quick to react, and they upgraded the slots to what it is now.

Rainbow Riches Mega Win

The mobile slots are now worth every spin. They are not the worthless slots they were once. It is practically like the online casinos and the land casinos.

The best webcast technology has been used in their creation hence producing high-quality graphics that perfectly bring out the Irish theme. The stacked symbols serve their original purpose as the wild, and the Rainbow Riches free demo is there.


Rainbow Riches: Free Demo Playing


The Rainbow Riches free demo play is more of a gift to all gamblers, and the players are flocking the slots every day to experience this amazing feature. The free game offers you a chance to play with demo money which is no money at all. It does not even require any registration or signing in.



All you need to do is get to the Rainbow Riches slots and choose the free play, and you are ready to start playing. The fake money is added to your account, and you are at liberty to play and win or lose depending on your luck. This is a gift to both the new players and the seasoned players.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

The new players have the opportunity to build some confidence in their betting abilities as they familiarize themselves with the rules of the game as well as the betting strategies and betting options.

They interact with the slot machine and test its fairness as they think about going into real money games. The seasoned players, on the other hand, have the opportunity of learning new tricks and experiment new winning tips.

Bloggers and online slots reviewers tend to write a lot about maximizing profits in Rainbow Riches, and this is the chance to find out if what they write is the truth or just noise.

888 Casino Rainbow Riches No Deposit Bonus

The Rainbow Riches demo play is similar to the real money version in all ways. These include the bonus features, the winning and losing probabilities and the fairness of the game.

More importantly, the fun and excitement gotten from the game are the same, and the disappointment of losing is just as bad so as the joy of winning.

However, the actual feel of gaining or losing money is missing. When you are playing with the primary goal of having fun and not gaining some extra coins, then the Rainbow Riches free demo is the feature to grant you your desires.


Rainbow Riches Demo


Moreover, you don’t have to be over the age of 18 to play this game, since, it does not require any registrations. Young and upcoming gamblers can test their wits through the Rainbow Riches demo as they wait to start their real money gambling careers.

It will helps them to gain experience in the game and become exemplary gamblers once they are of legal age.


Rainbow Riches: Bonus Game Features


The game is among the most generous games in the betting industry. It has a return to player rate of about 95% which can give you several little wins and with time the big wins, that will keep you smiling to the bank.



This is a question of your luck in hitting the right bonus features. This is a practice that requires a lot of patience and perseverance.

The rainbow and the pot of gold symbols are the desires of every player since the end of the brightly colored rain arch could earn you as much as 500 times your stake amount.


Rainbow Riches Free Demo


However, the rainbow and the Leprechauns are quite elusive, and you could play more, than a hundred times to hit just one of them. Hence, it is preferable to enjoy the little wins on the base game and keep playing for you to stand of chance of hitting the jackpot.


The In-Game Bonus Features in the Rainbow Riches Demo Slot


The wild symbol is the one, that has the power to replace all symbols apart from the bonus feature, and this could give you up to 500 times your stake amount.

The stacked symbol is the logo of the slot machine. It gives the best wins in combination with the wild symbol. The Roads to Riches bonus is activated when you get five, four or three Leprechauns anywhere on the reels.

You can garner up to 200 times your stake. The Wishing Well bonus is a pick me feature. Once it is activated, you get to pick one of the wells which will show your multiplier value.


Rainbow Riches Demo Play


The right pick can earn you up to 500 times your stake subject to the luck of course. The Pots of Gold bonus is the ultimate price which can earn you up to 500 times your bet amount.

The Pot of Gold is however very exclusive, hence, getting to hit is a very rare occurrence preserved for the very patient players. The silver and bronze are also very profitable, hence, activating this bonus feature is a marvel for any player.

The Rainbow Riches free demo gives you a chance to learn all these features first hand. It gives you a feel of the game without losing any money. If you have not played the game yet, you need to access the Rainbow Riches demo now to enjoy this amazing game.

The Rainbow Riches demo play is what the players in the olden days missed, but has been given to us. If you haven’t played Rainbow Riches, then your time is now. Choose a reputable online casino offering Rainbow Riches slots game, sign up for the bonuses and start playing for free today!


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