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Pot of Gold – Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is one of the most popular video slots in the betting industry. It has a fantastic Irish theme, that makes it very appealing to play.

Whenever you think of Ireland, there are a lot of beautiful things, that come to your mind. The spectacular scenery decorated by shamrock forest, the parties with plenty of fiddles and Guinness and the mystical Leprechauns, that are chasing pots of gold.

Play Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Slot

Although the shamrocks and Guinness are yet to be featured, the other sceneries are incorporated in the game to make you feel the Irish flavor within you. It brings the magic of the Emerald Isle into the comfort of your house, and if you are lucky, a Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold may be left behind in the process.


Pot of Gold: Rainbow Riches Slot


The Pot of Gold Rainbow Riches slot is a five reel slot which utilizes symbols which are brought together across the reels. The symbols are Irish, and they give you and awesome Irish treat with their incredible winnings.

The symbols include Leprechaun gold coins, the Rainbow Riches logo, 10, Jack, Queen, and Ace - with the last ones deeply embedded in the minds and souls of gamers across the world. The Rainbow and Pot of Gold are awesome features, which signify great winnings to players.


Rainbow And Pot Of Gold


The game uses recognizable symbols, which make it very easy and simple for players to understand the dynamics of the game and various workings.

New players benefit greatly from the simple user interface employed in the game whereas the older players will play the game like pros at first sight.

The auto spin feature is also present in the modern versions of the game. Most people may prefer to spin the reel by themselves, but the seasoned players do not mind the auto spin feature.


How to Play Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold for Free?


There is the Pot of Gold Rainbow Riches free play, which allows players to play using demo money. This is a chance for new gamblers to understand the rules, the game plays, the symbols and the betting options of the game without parting with their money.



The rainbow and the Pot of Gold may not mean anything for some players until they play repeatedly. The Rainbow Riches video slot is a simple game, that may not need a lot of practice even for beginners, but the anxiety of winning and losing is not as fun and exciting for new players.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

The free play offers all these. It is fun and exciting to play the free version of the game with no worries at all. It is just as good as the real money games although the lack the thrill of winning some extra coins.

In addition, it helps the new players to familiarize with the game and learn a few cheats, betting tips and strategies, that will keep them winning once they get to the actual field.


Pot Of Gold Rainbow


The emergence of the free play has been a blessing to the ‘stingy’ gamblers, that is those, who love gambling, but they love their money more. You can get to play the game online at the comfort of your house without using any money. This has made Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold a leisure activity for many people worldwide.

Whenever you are having a short break at work or at school, stuck in traffic that does not seem to be moving, waiting in a long queue in a public office or just bored in the house, you can take your phone long into one of the numerous online casinos and go view the rainbow and Pot of Gold.


Rules of Pot of Gold Rainbow Riches


The game has twenty lines across every spin which give you chances galore to win a lot of money. The patterns which are the win lines are well explained at the beginning of the game.

The game has a classic display that highlights all the possible winning lines for the players see, hence, the players do not need to worry about the patterns, that win and the ones that do not.



This Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold feature allows players to get down to the business of gambling without being bogged down by some hectic controls and winnings lines to remember.

The game is as simple as that, and the free play is basically for fun and excitement and not to help anyone understand the rules of the game as he or she are just too simple to bother anyone.


Rainbow Riches: Bonus Games


The bonus screens are what every player wants to see. They mainly signify big wins and the chance to walk away with the Pot of Gold Rainbow Riches.

The Leprechaun’s gleaming smile is the love of many as this means, that he is surely generous with his Pot of Gold. There are three bonus rounds in Rainbow Riches:


  • Road to Riches

  • Wishing Well bonus

  • Pot of Gold


They all represent various multipliers with the Pot of Gold being the most coveted price. It is the highest paying but is quite rare.


Pot Of Gold Rainbow


When triggered, the player spins the wheel which has a gold pot, silver and bronze pots each representing a certain multiplier value.

When it stops, the arrow will point at one of the pots which reveal your multiplier value which is multiplied by your total stake.

You can win up to 500 times your stake and the smile on any player’s face, when they activate this feature is so noticeable.



The Wishing Well bonus is a typical pick my type of game, where a player has to choose one of the three well, which reveals his multiplier value.

The Road to Riches on the other moves you through a path until you get the collect command, which could be at the end of the rainbow showing a big win. The rainbow and Pot of Gold are valuable symbols in Rainbow Riches, and any player should marvel at them.




Being one of the most popular online casino games right now, you should try playing Rainbow Riches online casino game and be sure to check out for the rainbow and Pot of Gold symbols for more rewards and bonuses.

The incredible graphics and features and the generous Leprechaun make the game a favorite for many gamblers as they get to reap lots amidst the fun and excitement.


Play Rainbow Riches!