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How to Play Rainbow Riches on Mobile?

Amongst the many variants of slot games, it has been proven time and again, that Rainbow Riches mobile is something, that has caught the imagination and liking of thousands of people across the world.

Rainbow Riches Mobile

This is because of some extra special features which make this game highly interesting and exciting. There are many variants of slot games, and Rainbow Riches is also one such variant which has been around for the past many decades and perhaps even centuries.


How to Play Rainbow Riches on Mobile?


However, the popularity of the game has increased manifold because of the online gambling and gaming sites.



This has been followed by the popularity of mobile-based gambling games, and this has ensured, that the demand for Rainbow Riches on mobile also has increased by leaps and bounds.

Play Rainbow Riches Now!

Hence, it would be interesting to find out more about this game and get to know how to play Rainbow Riches mobile using a smartphone, iPhones, and other such devices.


What Are Slot Games?


They are referred to slot games in the USA, and in the UK, these are better known as fruit machines. However, when it comes to basic rules and regulations, they are both the same in many ways.

Rainbow Riches Mega Win

They are also referred to as penny and nickel games, and there are many machines which also accept GBP and other bigger currencies. They come with currency acceptors.



Once the money is accepted, players will get a bill which will show them as to how many credits they are eligible. These machines basically work by spinning and based on the combination of the number you choose you to stand to win or not win money.


Something about Rainbow Riches for Mobile


As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most popular variants of slot games, and it is a slot from Barcrest, a company, that has earned name and fame in pubs and chip shops throughout the United Kingdom for the physical fruit machines.

Rainbow Riches Mobile App

When one chooses mobile Rainbow Riches, he or she gets to play five reels and twenty pay lines. Online slots are also on the same lines.

When we talk about classic fruit machines you will also have to know about some themes like Leprechaun, wishing well and a pot of gold under a rainbow.

Hence, most players try and reach each of the above stages and winning each stage helps them to move to other stage and ultimately, they get a shot at the pots of gold. The main objective should be to try and access to the extremely attractive bonus features as mentioned above.

Play Rainbow Riches for Mobile

It would be pertinent to mention here apart from making use of the personal computer and laptops to play Rainbow Riches it is possible to make use of the mobile versions.

Hence, there are thousands of people who have started to play Rainbow Riches on mobile. It is almost the same as playing the game on personal computers, but there are some slight differences about which we should have some reasonably fair information.


Play Rainbow Riches on Mobile


To begin with, it is important to have the right application downloaded to the mobile phone. It would be pertinent to mention here that the app offered by most of the online gaming service providers supports both Android phones and iPhone, iPad and other such devices and appliances.



The download process is quite easy and simple and can be done by even people who do not have basic knowledge of internet operations.

Once downloaded, the app can be activated whenever they like. The app when activated will take the player directly to the website of the respective online gambling site.


Play Rainbow Riches On Mobile


Once there, they can easily navigate to the slots section, choose Rainbow Riches mobile slot and play it. As mentioned earlier there are special mobile versions which help to play the game comfortably on the mobile.

There are a few online gambling sites which offer the facility to play Rainbow Riches on mobile. Here is a look at a few of them.


Grosvenor Casino


Choosing Grosvenor Casino for Rainbow Riches could be a great idea because it offers 20 win lines. It allows the players to bet for currencies as low as 0.01 cents or 0.01 pence or the equivalent in Euros.


Rainbow Riches On Mobile


It also comes with a plus and minus icons which help you to increase the stake amounts as you wish. You can select the lines and select the plus option to choose the number of lines you would like to play.

Overall it is quite user-friendly, and it comes with the best of bonus features including the road to riches, wishing well and pots of gold.


NetBet: Rainbow Riches


It also would be pertinent to mention that NetBet offers a good and tested mobile version of the famous Rainbow Riches mobile. It is a part of the of overall slot option which has many other slot games too.

NetBet Rainbow Riches

It is dependable and offers 20 lines, and the betting amount is quite low starting from 0.01 pence, and the upper limit can be decided by the players. It also permits the players to choose as many lines to play as they are comfortable with.


Mecca Bingo: Rainbow Riches


Though not as popular as Grosvenor Casino or NetBet, there is no doubt, that Mecca Bingo also has been able to make its mark felt quite well as far as offering mobile-based Rainbow Riches is concerned.

Mecca Bingo Rainbow Riches on Mobile

It provides the players with the chance to bet on multiple pay lines depending on their specific risk take abilities and preferences.

As is the case with most reputed online casino gaming site, it offers players an opportunity to take a shot at Rainbow Riches bonus including the famed to riches, pots of gold bonus options.




There are several other prominent online gaming sites which also have some of the most attractive and reliable mobile based Rainbow Riches options. These include: William Hill, Coral, and Ladbrokes amongst others. Each one of them has almost the same mobile based slot gaming facilities and features as mentioned above.


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